KODA releases 6th album ‘Keteke’ featuring top gospel acts


The 12-track album features Pastor Joe Beechem, Joe Mettle, Harmonious Chorale, LIC Choir, Abigail Nkansah, Jumbo and Eben

Gospel musician, Kofi Owusu Dua Anto (KODA), has released his sixth album, ‘Keteke’. The all-around album, premiered on the first day of 2021 on all music platforms, is receiving rave reviews from music lovers and critics.

Prior to the album release, KODA had undertaken a coordinated campaign on social media which included live videos with resource persons discussing different topics bordering on christianity, the music industry, and life in general. The singer also posted a series of video messages from the album’s featured artistes and production team, all to give fans a feel of how the new album will sound like.

He also released two prelude singles of the album – ‘Aseda’, and the confessional praise jam, ‘Game Over’, whiche featured Nigerian gospel musician, Eben.

‘Keteke’ is a reference to the rickety train that paraded the western coastal lines of Takoradi (western Ghana) to Kumasi in the 70s and 80s. KODA draws a parallel between the eventful ‘Keteke’ rides of his childhood and life events into a music project he believes will resonate with everyone.

“Fond memories of my childhood trips in Keteke to go see my grandparents in Kumasi were always eventful. However, no matter the challenges or experiences that fraught the journey, be it the engine, unannounced stops or delays, one is always assured of getting to his destination. This is same with life and the Christian walk. This album taps into my musical journey and mirrors the experiences on the “Keteke” with life by having songs that speak to the different phases of life and thereby relatable to real life situations of listeners. You will find songs of prayer, praise, thanksgiving, worship and more carved creatively in my musical influences – highlife, chorale, classical music, contemporary Christian music, reggae & more – on the album.”

The 12-track album features Pastor Joe Beechem, Joe Mettle, Harmonious Chorale, LIC Choir, Abigail Nkansah, Jumbo, and Eben.

The producers of the album include Francis Kweku Osei (Percussions, Drums & Horns) arrangements, Moise Atta (on Aseda), and KODA himself. The album is recorded, mixed, and mastered by KODA’s Koded Studios in Takoradi, Ghana.