VIDEO: Lawyer Akoto Ampaw is lil-mannered – Evng. Akwasi Awuah fires over Anti-LBGQT+ Bill


The Head Pastor of Pillar of Zion Church Int. Evangelist Akwasi Awuah has entered the ongoing conversation by calling on the international community not to dictate to Ghanaians what to accept as a way of life.

According to him, it is difficult for him that while other countries are devising scientific solutions to the coronavirus so that their people can be saved, Ghana is debating an “unnecessary” issue such as the rights and protections for people who identify as LGBTQ +.

According to Akwasi Awuah, he said that he fully agreed with the good teacher and asked Ghanaians not to waste time debating such a topic when others are far ahead of us in terms of development.

He said Ghana should have been able to bring together its best scientists by now to find local solutions to the coronavirus, but sadly Ghana has learned nothing from the pandemic.

“When this disease came, see how these white people sat down and planned to find solutions to the coronavirus, but Ghana has learned nothing … by this time we should have our own locally made vaccines, especially when the untrustworthy people are bringing us Our scientists should have a local solution by now, but no, not Ghana, we are not learning anything good.

“God created the penis so that, when it stands up, it enters the woman, ”he said.