“Sam George to lose primaries for fighting LGBTQI” Nigel Gaisie


The Prophetic Hill Chapel’s leading prophet, Nigel Gaisie, has predicted that the Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram will lose his seat.

His struggle against the LGBTQI+ community, he claims, would jeopardize his prospects of keeping his position in Parliament because they will utilize their resources to oppose him.

When Nigel Gaisie said this, he was speaking on Accra’s Angel FM.

“In the next primaries, Sam George will lose due of his anti-LGBTQI+ stance. I’ve seen it three times, and I’d like to alert someone,” he told Kofi Adomah.

“Sam George should be extremely careful, he’s a terrific young man and quite brave,” he continued. How many young men are as courageous as this? I noticed him had his hand on his head, sobbing because he had lost his seat. They’ll make sure he doesn’t win in the primaries. I would have had him run unopposed if I were the NDC.

Sam George is heading a group of seven colleagues in sponsoring the Anti LGBTQI+ bill, which will make it illegal to engage in LGBTQI+ and associated activities.

Persons who support LGBTQI+ and are fighting for the rights of those who engage in the act have attacked Ningo Prampram, a legislator from Ningo Prampram.

Meanwhile, the Christian community, traditional elders, and the Muslim community have rallied around Sam George and his colleagues, urging Parliament to put the measure into law as soon as possible.