“Ghanaian graduates are miseducated, they go to school for only certificates” Deputy Speaker, Joe Wise


Ghana’s first deputy speaker of Parliament, Joseph Osei Owusu has given the main cause of unemployment in the country.

According to him, Ghanaians are miseducated and therefore do not have the technical abilities to be in the working sector.

On Kumasi’s Ultimate 106.9 FM, he defined miseducation as “the phenomena of going to school for certificates without consideration for employable skills, vocational and technical ability that could lead to business.”

“We are miseducated,” he explained, “because once we graduate from secondary school, we believe that we are not supposed to work with our hands.” An engineer does not want to come into contact with contaminated oils.

He always wants to be an overcoat and give people instructions instead of us creating with our minds.”

Companies drilling for oil in Ghana’s oil fields continue to file applications for permission to import welders with a particular degree of certification to operate on the oil rakes, according to the legislator who also serves as the chair of the Petroleum Board.

The CEO of the Petroleum Commission is concerned that every year, companies request permission to bring in welders from outside the country because our people lack the necessary qualifications.” “If they tell you how much they get paid per hour, it’s more than my monthly salary,” he grumbled.

Mr Osei Owusu urged Ghanaians to abandon the mentality that success comes from wearing coats and ties and getting to work.

“All of the jobs and things we see around us are created by people who don’t wear coats and ties.” “Look around us; which of our tie and coat people has created anything?” he inquired.