VIDEO: Do I even care about what you think? – Funny Face’s Vanessa fires disparagers


Comedian Funny Face has been trending in the news for controversial reasons following issues between him and his baby mama, Vanessa. He has earlier accused her of being violent, a bully, and most of all running away from home with their twin children. However, the woman, for the first time, has spoken on the issue, and it seems everything Funny Face said about her is rather the opposite.

She disclosed that he becomes fed up with anyone after living with them for at most four days. She recalled a case where Funny Face shot at his own dog and killed it because he claimed his baby mama was directing all her attention to the dog and not her. Another time, Vanessa said the comedian beat her mother and pushed her to the ground because he was so hot with anger. Vanessa leaked an audio recording of a verbal assault in which Funny Face used insulted her and the mother using profane words. In the audio, Funny Face is heard insulting the baby mama and calling her names such as a poor and unworthy woman. Vanessa also revealed that Funny Face impressed upon her to have an abortion when she got pregnant earlier after delivering their twin girls, Ella and Bella.

It appears this matter has been and on and off one as Funny Face has accused some of his friends several months ago of luring his baby mama to run from home.