I’m not a fool to deliver a prophesy that would land me in jail – Kumchacha


Prophet Nicholas Osei, alias ‘Kumchacha,’ the founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry, has stated his willingness to refrain from predictions that would put him in violation of the law.

Scenes from Nsawam Prison, he claims, are enough to make him reject prophetic revelations that would make him an inmate during his evangelical travels.

On Angel FM’s Anopa Bofo Morning show, the man of God revealed that he enjoys his freedom, which allows him to consume decent food, breathe fresh air, and move freely without constraint, all of which are not possible while one is imprisoned.

In Twi, he remarked, “If there is a rule in Ghana that prohibits inciting fear and panic in the public domain, I am not a fool to break it while making a prophecy.”

He added that there are predictions that have the potential to scare the person(s) to whom the message is addressed, but that he would not say them to avoid a run-in with the police.

He also advised his prophetic ministry colleagues to be cautious in order to avoid breaking any rules.