In Ghana, churches make a lot of money; tax them – Kwaw Kese to the government


Rapper Kwaw Kese believes that it is past time for the Ghanaian government to consider whether or not churches in the country should be taxed.

Ghanaian pastors, he claims, make a lot of money, and taxing them will provide the country with some revenue to help with developmental difficulties.

Apart from the fact that some pastors live extravagant lifestyles that should be probed, Kwaw Kesse believes they should pay taxes to help the country progress.

“I know some Pastors will come and make doom prophecies against me,” he said in an interview with Kingdom Plus FM. “But it doesn’t make sense that people are hungry in Ghana while the Pastor has built mansions and has a lot of cars to their credit while people are hungry.”

“When you’re stuck in traffic, you’ll be sad.” Children as young as two years old are begging in traffic. When was the last time you heard that a church said it would provide shelter for all of these homeless people?” he asked.