WATCH: Xandy Kamel shed tears as she finally speaks about her broken marriage


Xandy Kamel, a Ghanaian actress and television presenter, has finally spoken out about her disastrous marriage to King Kaninja, a sports broadcaster.

The controversial actress described how her husband and his side chick are damaging her reputation in a live broadcast on social media.

Xandy Kamel stated that her marriage to King Kaninja has reached a breaking point, and she is fed up with his falsehoods about her.

Xandy Kamel, in tears, refuted charges that she kidnapped her husband from his then-girlfriend.

Xandy claims that her husband has banded together with his side chick to propagate false rumors about her.

She claimed that her spouse had ditched his wedding ring and is having a sexual contact with his ex.

“I’m crying because I believed I was with someone who would stand by my side even if the entire world turned against me, yet it’s the same person who is betraying me.”

I’m not competing for a man’s attention. I’m crying because the embarrassment to my family’s name is too much for me to bear.

Who among us is a responsible man who would commit such a thing? Xandy Kamel confessed in tears, “This is my life, and I know what I’m going through.”