VIDEO: Xandy Kamel speaks about her broken marriage


Ghanaian actress and tv presenter Xandy Kamel has finally opened up about her failed marriage to Sports presenter King Kaninja.

In a live video on social media, the controversial actress revealed how her husband and his side chick are tarnishing her image.

Xandy Kamel indicated that her marriage to King Kaninja has hit rock bottom and is fed up with the lies he is peddling about her.

Amidst tears, Xandy Kamel rubbished claims that she snatched her husband from his then girlfriend.

According to Xandy, her husband has ganged up with his side chick and are spreading false rumours about her.

She revealed how her husband is now having a sexual relationship with his ex and has taken off his wedding ring.

“I am crying because I thought I was with someone who could even stand beside me when the whole world turns against me but it is the same person who is betraying me. I am not fighting over a man. I am crying because the disgrace to my family name is too much. Which responsible man will do that? This is my life and I know what I am going through”, Xandy Kamel revealed in tears.